Table Tennis

2019-2020 Head Coach; Kevin McNutt

All interested Panthers are encouraged to take advantage of the Truro Table Tennis Club. This is not a school club but a great way to practice regularlyprior to school table tennis competition. Details below...

After a near six month hiatus, table tennis will begin. Like last year, we will play Tuesday and Thursday nights 7:30-9:30 beginning Tuesday, November 19. At the end of this email is a complete schedule although I already know I cannot make all those dates and will sometimes have to cancel. Unfortunately, a good example will be next week as I have a work commitment and will have to cancel on Thursday (November 21). So, next week, Table Tennis on Tues, Nov 19 but CANCELLED Thurs, Nov 21.


I know most of you know the logistics, but as a reminder


  1. Location is 60 Lorne Street, the building next to CEC. The entry to the gym is in the horseshoe parking lot.
  2. Any apparel is acceptable, but you MUST wear gym shoes – nothing that marks the floor. If you are not wearing gym shoes, please do not cut across the gym but rather walk around the outside.
  3. We have extra racquets if you need them.
  4. There is no fee to drop in, but if you become a regular, we do ask for a voluntary $20 payment to help cover the cost of equipment (mostly balls and the occasional replacement net)
  5. We do not have formal coaching, however, informal coaching is provided for those who wish to practice rather than just play games or rally
  6. If school is cancelled, then table tennis is automatically cancelled on the same day (that is school policy)
  7. Please spread the word far and wide, especially to International Students who may not be aware of the club.

Steve Dukeshire