TJHS Badminton team finished 5th in the province. A mere 5pts back of provincial champs Bible Hill.

Congratulations to all participants and a huge thank you to Coach Greg Porter for volunteering to lead the team.


TJHS Badminton Team

 Coach- Greg Porter

Junior Girls

Jaclyn Sherry

Jenna Adams

Paige MacPhee

Megan Gaudet

Marley MacEachern

Emma Ross


Junior Boys

Bryson Currie

Erik Hayden

Quinn Hayden

Lee Morrison

Sage Yuill

Wilson  Paluch


Intermediate Girls

Bella Young

Cassandra Smith

Abby Pond

Ember Warren

Kaitlyn Butler


Intermediate Boys

Zack MacLean

Avery MacPhee

Lachlan  Zann-Roland

Biola Oshikoya

Rainier Magboo

Jacob Byers

Ian Hoang


Any Grade 6 Students that tried out for the Team are welcome to come to practices.

Practices on Wednesdays and Fridays 3:30-5:00pm