Wednesday, Jan.16 Day 8



CEC’s Incoming Grade 10 Parent Night

TONIGHT  6:30 PM in the AV Room. 

Grade 9 students are welcome to join their parents at this information session.


Musical rehearsal will begin this week. Click the "School Activities" tab at the top for more info.



During the winter season

we can experience varying temperatures

from mild to quite cold!

Students are reminded to dress for the weather.




Teen Tutoring & Homework Club
Tuesdays from 3:30 to 5pm in TJHS library.
Sessions open to walk-ins. All grades and subjects!
Depending on the needs of the students we can allow sign ups for individual times.



Backpack Expectations - View attachement below



Our School is Peanut Aware!

Please see file attachement below to learn more.


Click on "School Activities" for info specific to individul sports/club


If able, consider following "TJHS Athletics" on Facebook for the latest sports/club updates

Daily P.E. announcements are attached for your reference