Friday, Feb.28

Day 8




Grade 9 Quebec Trip Chicken Pot Pie Fundraiser

Sale Date: February 24th - March 3nd


Next TJHS dance with be Thursday, March 12th from 6:30-8 pm.



Water fountains are closed at TJHS. Water coolers are available BUT you must bring your own water bottle as cups are not provided. This will be in effect until Spring. FYI





Our School is Peanut Aware!

Please see file attachement below to learn more.




Electronic Devices and Accessories


Students and parents are reminded that TJHS is not responsible for lost or misplaced electronic devices and accessories. These items are very valuable and should be kept in a safe place or at home. Devices should be in students lockers (Gr.6) or backpacks (Gr.7-9) unless instructed to use by a staff member. An electronic device agreement/contract has been sent home and must be completed and returned before a student will be permitted to use their personal device at school as well as any school technology.





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