TJHS Basketball

TJHS Boys JV Basketball House League






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Eric M. (A)

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Camden P.

Jacob C.

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Oscar T.*

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  • Gr.⅚ varsity players who are welcome to play JV as well if they are interested and available


League Schedule

Games are played every Monday starting Jan.11th

Game #1 (3:30-4:10pm)

Game #2 (4:15-5:00pm)

No spectators or fans allowed in the school. League players only.Players may watch the game before or after their own game (COVID rules).



3:30     Acadia             vs        Dal

4:15     StFX                vs        SMU



3:30     StFX                vs        Dal

4:15     Acadia             vs        SMU



3:30     Acadia             vs        StFX

4:15     Dal                   vs        SMU



3:30     StFX                vs        SMU

4:15     Acadia             vs        Dal



3:30     Acadia             vs        SMU

4:15     StFX                vs        Dal



3:30     Dal                   vs        SMU

4:15     Acadia             vs        StFX



Make up games if necessary



3:30     Semi-final #1 (1st vs 4th)

4:15     Semi-final #2 (2nd vs 3rd)



3:30     Bronze Medal Game

4:15     Championship Game


When permitted, Coach Hayden will be selecting 10 players to “represent” TJHS in games vs local schools (Ex- Redcliff Middle School, Ecole D’Acadienne, etc).


Prior to each game against other schools, Coach Hayden will send home an invite to each of the 10 players chosen for that game. The invitation will provide parents/guardians with the details of the upcoming game.


Coach Hayden will be changing up the invites to include any 10 players who have been best meeting the “Rep team” criteria outlined below. Our “Rep” team roster will be very fluid in terms of who is invited to games vs other schools.


Coach Hayden contact info…                   Call/Text- 902-814-6474


JV Rep Team Selection Guidelines/Criteria…

Coach Hayden invites JV players who...


  • Regularly attend JV House League Games


  • are in good academic AND behavioral standing in his academic classes. (if your behavior in class and at school is sub-standard, I cannot select you to represent our school on the basketball court)


  • Demonstrate a high standard of respect for his teammates, coach, opponents, equipment and basketball environment during JV House League games (Think: SPORTSMANSHIP).


  • Demonstrate appropriate hustle, hard work, effort and coachability during JV House League play.


  • Have signed and returned the JV Parent/Player Agreement to Coach Hayden  (JV Boys Basketball Parent/Player Agreement can be found in the attachments at the bottom of this page.)







TJ Boys Varsity Basketball Team 2021




Shawn Gamble

Darius Churchill

Parker Davison

Josh Thompson

Josh Varner

Cole MacMillan

Cadin Skinner

Daesean Brown

Jack Gulliver

Ryan Jollimore

Trenel Mahar

Oscar Thompson (Redshirt)






  2020 TJHS Girls Basketball

TJHS Girls Varsity Basketball Team 2020-2021

1 Nadia Barrington
2 Javaya Beals
3 Ella Farquharson
4 Jai Sylliboy
5 Shiane Jesso
6 Sarah Tam
7 Molly Thompson
8 Savannah Robichaud
9 Addison Sylliboy Moody
10 Melia Lane
11 Hailey Nimchuk
12 Annie Morine
r Paige Sobey
r Vera Lewis

r= redshirt team member. Practices with the team but is eligible to play on the JV team

First practice will be Friday December 18 at  3:30 PM.


The varsity team will practice regularly on Wednesdays and Fridays 3:30-5:00pm. Due to COVID restrictions there are currently no games being played. We want the team to be ready in case things settle down and games are permitted after Christmas break